Color Trend Report 2021: Sun, Optimism and Flawless Gray


There are only a few weeks left until spring, and after several gray and gloomy winter months, I want to bring bright colors to routine everyday life. Why not start with your wardrobe? Moreover, this year the Pantone Color Institute chose not one, but two shades: neutral Ultimate Gray and bright yellow Illuminating.

In order to meet the warm season fully equipped, we will tell you about the main colors of the upcoming season 2021. By the way, most of them are warm and colorful in spring. Palette New York Color Palette will help to collect a bright image and please yourself and others.

Illuminating (PANTONE 13-0647) и Ultimate Gray (PANTONE 17-5104)

These two shades, diametrically opposed in their mood, will work as complementary tones to “support” each other. This combination expresses resilience, optimism, hope and positivity – all of these things that we have been missing all last year. “To enable us to ‘reboot and update’, we combined different elements,” says Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute.

Illuminating yellow is perhaps the brightest and most optimistic color of the season. Wardrobe items in this shade will cheer you up, and the rainiest day will instantly be filled with sunny vibes.
Ultimate Gray, or gray as Pantone says, evokes a sense of “coolness, steadiness and stability.” This is the color of the stone and the classic neutral shade, it is not gloomy, but a more versatile base. Indeed, it is convenient to combine it with almost any other color.

Marigold (PANTONE 14-1050)

Shade Marigold will attract attention and will not leave indifferent even the most inexperienced fashionistas. The life-affirming orange-yellow color clearly resembles the bright inflorescences of marigolds. The Institute itself calls the shade “warming warm”. You can give preference to both the basic elements of the wardrobe in this color, and bright details among neutral basic things.

Cerulean (PANTONE 15-4020)

Cerulean is an azure color. Sky blue, he is the most calm and serene in the palette of this season. It is light and airy, like a clear sky on a clear day, and immediately sets you up for a romantic mood.

Rust (PANTONE 18-1248)

The shade of Rust, which means “rust” in English, speaks for itself: bold, daring, going beyond what is permitted. It may seem that it does not fit a little into the general palette of spring-summer colors. Pantone admits that the color of “autumn leaves” is uncommon for a spring palette.

French Blue (PANTONE 18-4140)

Bright blue French Blue even among the representatives of the Institute awakened memories of spring Paris, which was reflected in the name of the shade. Bright, but at the same time, deep color should definitely appear in the wardrobe, because it is so practical and relaxed.

Green Ash (PANTONE 13-0117)

Green Ash or Green Ash seems to be the only pastel color in this palette. A calm, soft and slightly warm color immediately reminds of the imminent onset of spring, and with it the appearance of the first fresh greenery around.

Burnt Coral (PANTONE 16-1529)

Pantone associates Burnt Coral with a festive mood. And really, what girl didn’t want to celebrate her birthday in a coral cocktail dress !?

Mint (PANTONE 16-5938)

Another shade of green, named after mint, is described by Pantone as refreshing. Mint’s color is actually much brighter, more challenging, juicy. You can hardly go unnoticed in a dress, overalls or trousers of this shade. They say this color will restore strength!

Amethyst Orchid (PANTONE 17-3628)

Amethyst orchid or Amethist orchid is an incredibly noble shade. Deep, eccentric and passionate purple is a hit this spring. It is expected to become the most flamboyant color and bring a unique vibe.

Raspberry Sorbet (PANTONE 18-2043)

Raspberry sorbet – the name speaks for itself, just as tasty, tempting and teasing. The bright pink shade of Raspberry Sorbet will win the heart and fit perfectly into a summer wardrobe.

Базовые цвета 2021 года

But Pantone is not limited to this ten, because there are also basic, neutral colors, which are not inferior to the main palette in terms of sophistication in the spring-summer 2021 season.

Dark blue Inkwell is so deep that the blue tint in it is practically invisible, and the color itself is closer to black. Three more colors – Buttercream, Desert Mist and Willow – perfectly complete the neutral range. With their help, any wardrobe will become universal.


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