Rio Yachts Spider 40: Practical Minimalism


Looking for a boat for day cruises? Perhaps the Rio Yachts Spider 40 is exactly what you need! Take a walk to a cozy bay, enjoy a joint vacation and a new romantic adventure, have a party with friends or a sea “picnic” with your family – all this is possible on board the graceful Spider 40.


The yacht got its name for a reason. An open sports car for two is often called a roadster, but in Europe the name “spyder” or “spider” is still used. Its characteristic features are the elongated front end, the absence of a hard roof and, of course, good speeds. True, there are also disadvantages – this is actually the small size of the car’s interior.

Designer Marino Alfani took over the style of the roadster and at the same time dealt with the main drawback: the compact Spider 40 cruiser is in no way inferior to the larger yacht in terms of its space and functionality. With a length of only 13 meters and a deck width of 3.7 meters, the ergonomics on board are excellent. Light colors and modest minimalism, laconic lines and geometry – all in the best traditions of the Rio Yachts shipyard.

There is nothing superfluous in the boat: the designer, like a jeweler, has found a balance between classics and modern trends. Each element is in its place. Although practicality is in the foreground, the aesthetics are not inferior. It is not in vain that Rio Yachts is a shipyard with 55 years of experience.


Despite the modest dimensions of the boat, the cockpit looks quite spacious. The creators of the Spider 40 managed to save as much space as possible, but at the same time provide decent functionality. This becomes clear from the size of the teak bathing area. This is followed by a spacious corner sofa – in fact, it is a versatile modular design. You can leave it with a backrest or spread it out in one large sun deck. And if you want to dine here, a spacious square table on an electric drive comes out of the floor.

Across from the seating area is a neat bar. A sink and a small stove for two burners are hidden under the hinged lid. Below is a refrigerator and drawers. Additional storage modules and a freezer compartment are integrated in a separate cabinet opposite. In hot or bad weather, you can pull a bimini top over this zone, since the Spider 40 does not have a hardtop.

In the bow there is a solarium with mattresses that can be easily removed if necessary. The only drawback is the understated side rail and the lack of holders that would be useful in a rough sea.


The control post, although small, deserves attention. The windshield in a steel frame provides excellent visibility, and the captain will have two comfortable chairs with an adjustable roller to steer the boat in a comfortable position: sitting or standing.

All necessary controls are assembled on a compact console. Two small Volvo Penta monitors provide information about the engine and potential problems, and a Simrad display shows information from the chartplotter. There is also a joystick, control of the bow thruster with flaps and a range of controls for all basic functions, such as a water pump or lighting. In general, everything is located so that all levers and buttons are convenient, and their use is even intuitive. Rio Yachts is very attentive and meticulous about the details. What else is on board? Air conditioning, 3.5 kW generator, underwater lighting and ladder.

The Spider 40 is powered by two 300 hp Volvo Penta D4 stationary engines. Maximum speed – 37 knots, cruising speed – 25 knots. In handling, the boat is also very responsive and maneuverable. Even at full speed, you will feel comfortable and confident. And the main thing is safety. But that’s not all! Magically, the creators managed to reduce the noise level on board so much that during the transitions you do not have to constantly raise your voice to chat with friends.


On the lower deck of the Spider 40, the sleek Italian design is still readable. Darker shades of wood appear here, which gives the interior a zest and creates an interesting contrast.

During the day, 12 guests will be comfortable on board, and four people will be able to stay overnight – in the cabins aft and in the bow. The U-shaped sofa in the salon with a table can be used as a full-fledged dining area. Opposite there is a built-in fridge-freezer.

All living areas are still as ergonomic as possible: for example, the double bed in the bow cabin is raised, but equipped with comfortable steps. There is storage space both under the mattress and on either side of the bed. The mirror in the headboard visually enlarges the space and makes it brighter, and the skylight provides the cabin with air and light. In the aft cabin, the mattress is practically on the floor, since the ceiling is significantly lowered in this part. But this is not a problem – natural light compensates for this disadvantage well and the feeling of a closed space does not arise.

The bathroom, although compact, is very functional. The oval washbasin with shelves and lighting is separated by a glass partition – convenient and beautiful. The stationary overhead shower creates a waterfall effect. By the way, the boat is equipped with a 40 liter boiler.


Rio Yachts continues to build stylish, fast and sporty boats. Lightweight and manoeuvrable, the Spider 40 is the perfect choice for relaxation, partying and day trips with overnight stays.


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Looking for a boat for day cruises? Perhaps the Rio Yachts Spider 40 is exactly what you need! Take a walk to a cozy bay, enjoy a joint vacation and a new romantic adventure, have a party with friends or a sea “picnic” with your family – all this is possible on board the graceful

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