Sunglasses Trends 2021


It’s hard to imagine a summer vacation without sunglasses. It is not only reliable eye protection from the sun rays, but also a stylish addition to any look.  Especially glasses will be very useful on a yacht voyage. It will be uncomfortable to look at the picturesque landscapes from the yacht during a fine sunny day without them. Moreover, they will perfectly complement any “look” chosen for a yacht trip.

The eyewear trends for spring-summer 2021 are very diverse. The events of the last year have affected frames as well. After the unstable and dull quarantine situation in 2020, brands prefer bright colors and unusual shapes.

Sports glasses

Sportswear will come back this summer together with sports glasses like those used by tennis or cyclists. In addition to regular sportswear, it will be convenient to combine them with smart-casual or sport-chic style.

Oversized frames

Oversized frames have been holding the lead among the most popular models for the last couple of years. They are exquisite and at the same time functional, that is why they have found their place in the wardrobe of almost every girl. They are easy to pair with elegant dresses as well as casual clothes.

However, the pandemic that is raging around the world has made its way to the world of sunglasses. More and more often among bulky models sunglasses in the form of a sun screen began to appear this season. They cover almost half of the face, thus creating a psychological sense of protection.

Rectangle glasses

Last season, many girls fell in love with the rectangular shape of glasses, and already in 2021 designers went further giving it a variety of colors and scales. If last year this type of frame was found mainly in black, then this summer it can be seen in orange or purple shades.

Round retro glasses

Round retro glasses go out of fashion, then quickly come back to it. This year they are found both in classic versions and with metal frames and lenses of varying degrees of transparency.

Multi-colored glasses

For those who are not afraid of experiments and like to stand out from the crowd, designers have prepared unusual multi-colored frames. They look bold, defiant and will definitely not go unnoticed this summer.

Geometrically shaped glasses

Also, fans of a shocking and a non-trivial approach to fashion can pay attention to unusual glasses of different geometric shapes – from pentagons to squares and sharp triangles. Such glasses are associated with something futuristic, stylish and shocking at the same time.

Eyeglass necklaces

Retro trends continue to return to the world of haute couture also in the case of glasses this year, we are not talking about pince-nez (who knows, maybe in future seasons designers will remember about their existence). In the meantime, a chain for glasses returns to the wardrobes. One which could well lie somewhere deep in a grandmother’s treasure chest. If one was not found there, modern ones look like standard chains, pearl threads or chains with the addition of beads – options are very diverse.

There are similar trends among men’s collections: designers prefer bright frames, sporty models and unusual geometric shapes. Even eyeglass chains, which are seemingly not at all a man’s attribute, began to appear in new collections.

At the same time, classic designs remain an indispensable accessory for any wardrobe, so they are also not uncommon in the Spring-Summer 2021 collections.


Williams Jet Tenders, the world’s leading tendering specialist, has taken a new direction in design and today unveils a completely redesigned design for its popular DieselJet 445 and DieselJet 505 models. In the new DieselJet 445 and 505, Williams redesigned the inflatable sides to improve the overall aesthetic appearance and provide stability at the bow

Looking for a great tender, a sports cruiser, or better just two in one? Then it makes sense to pay attention to the versatile 10-meter Rio Yachts Espera 34. It was launched for the 50th anniversary of the shipyard, and its roots also go back to the first wooden motor boats built by Rio Yachts.

Unrivaled design, alluring beauty and amazing seaworthiness are the hallmarks of the 20-meter Riva 68 ‘Diable. The novelty promises to be a rising star in the open yacht market under 70 feet, where Riva is the undisputed leader. The collaboration of Officina Italiana Design and the Ferretti Group has, as always, managed to create an

Looking for a boat for day cruises? Perhaps the Rio Yachts Spider 40 is exactly what you need! Take a walk to a cozy bay, enjoy a joint vacation and a new romantic adventure, have a party with friends or a sea “picnic” with your family – all this is possible on board the graceful

While many are trying to go into space, French designer Thierry Gauguin has thrown his energies into creating the ground transport of the future. Private superyachts and airplanes, submarines and even small spaceships have been actively developed and used for more than one year. The G-Train, on the other hand, could be the world’s first

There are two months left before the start of the season of yacht shows on the Cote d’Azur, so the entire industry looks forward to these events with bated breath. The first major event to open after the Covid-19 pandemic should be the Cannes Yachting Festival from 7 to 12 September in the Old Port

American designer Steve Kozloff was inspired by the multi-deck sailing ships of the past. Its new concept includes not only the romance of the past, but also many modern amenities and technologies: indoor and outdoor pools, a large-scale basketball court and tennis court, a helicopter hangar and four submarines. The Galleon Gigayacht is an incredible

The new fully customized M/Y 142 project features refined sporty lines and superbly crafted open decks that provide an incredible sense of open-air freedom. Like other CRN superyachts, the 52-meter vessel will be built in Ancona and embody the best Italian traditions that perfectly highlight the vision and taste of the future owner. Its length

The Kairos project is the result of a collaboration between renowned design studio Pininfarina and superyacht shipyard Oceanco, while Lateral Naval Architects are responsible for technical design and engineering. The name Kairos comes from one of the ancient Greek words for time. In this case, it is a time that will be filled with opportunities,

In 2019 Riva Dolceriva introduced the 15-meter Open class cruiser. It was distinguished not only by its original exterior, but also by completely new planning solutions. Its timeless style has not lost its luster, and now the shipyard hopes that the new boat will expand the circle of admirers of the brand through a number



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